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A Patch of Grass Houston Astros Commercial

Ever since I discovered drone flying I became hooked with the hobby. I bought my first quad-copter on 2014 and a hexa shortly after. I flew around quite often just to have fun, but the I became interested in the possibilities it presented for cinematography. So I experimented and experimented until I got invited to shoot a commercial for the Houston Astros. I piloted the aerials and Salvador Garza was DP. The commercial was directed by Alvaro Hernandez and cut by David Cochran and Salvador Garza.

One of the drones decided to take a hike after the last shot and smash on a wall barely missing “El grande” the stadium’s new jumbotron.

Here we are from left to right Gonzalo Arjona (spotter), Claudio Milczewski (producer, spotter) and Matias Lanzi.

We really had a blast doing this, we’re still kids, only the toys get more expensive. What a tough job!

These are the drones we used: DJI Phantom Viosion 2 Plus with proprietary camera (I discourage using this due to navigation stability. The drone lost communication performing a flyaway and smashing into a wall out of the blue). The other drone is an hexa-copter with goPro, this guy got the money shots.

And of course the beautiful Minute Maid park in Houston Texas.

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