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Choir Session DePauw University – Purple Songs Can Fly at Zapboombang.

Updated: May 19, 2020

Some time ago I had the great pleasure of working with Anita Kruse during my time at Zapboombang for her project Purple Songs Can Fly. Composers, producers and singers from all over the music business came together to write a song with the children for the children. Written, arranged, and produced in two days, the name of the song “It’s out there waiting“. I didn’t do much at that time for my role was to make sure the studio was up to par to perform all the sessions. Andres Levine was the producer and Edmundo Gomez the engineer.

As I phase out of working for corporate monolithic companies making music for relentless commercial efforts, I really wanted to do something more meaningful for me, so I gave Anita a call.

Anita was as welcoming as always and after some time I was able to arrange and mix one of her songs. Later she gave me the incredible opportunity to get a bit more involved and that’s how I became a little part of this wonderful effort.



We took five hours to record the song, that was because I wanted to double parts and make the track a bit beefier. We made two full passes and then overdubbed section by section, bass, alto, tenor and soprano twice to create a stereo image. The track sounded beautiful, now is my turn to clean the tracks a bit for those inevitable paper shuffles.


I love making music and being part of something bigger than me.


From Left To right, Anita Kruse, Alex Lopez Negrete, Gregory Ristow and Matias Lanzi

Thank you Alex Lopez Negrete and Zapboombang Studios for donating Studio A “Oceans” for this session.

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